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Imagine yourself sitting in a row of gray office cubicles with gray walls and gray furniture. How does that make you feel?

If you’re like most people, it probably makes you feel uninspired, maybe even a little depressed.

Fortunately, the days of Dilbert-style cubicles set in a cold and colorless office world is over. But how does color affect space? How can it be used to improve health, productivity, and happiness? Let’s explore why color in the workplace is so important.

Color Psychology

Marketers spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars a year figuring out how color will influence shoppers. You can use that same research to change moods and energy in the workplace.

Color Psychology at its core is the study of color and how it affects human behavior. Color can affect our focus, energy, and productivity. In many cases, humans don’t even realize their mood has changed due to the color of a wall or a piece of furniture. It can happen on the subconscious level, but it can have dramatic effects on overall behavior. 


Pictured: KORE, Wish

The color green has a strong correlation with nature and money. It also solicits feelings of growth, fertility, health, and generosity. Green makes a great accent wall or panel and can be used in breakrooms, breakaway areas and even at workstations.


Pictured: Boyd, Bloom

Blue is often associated with stability, peace, calm and trust. It’s no coincidence that financial firms choose blue as a brand color. In the office, blue can help collaborative spaces such as conference rooms, gathering spaces and small enclaves.


Pictured: Nash, Joelle

Red demands attention. Think of the red Corvette speeding down the freeway only to capture the attention of a state patrol car. Red is associated with excitement, passion, energy, and even danger. If you want to draw the eye to a specific location in the office, consider using a red side chair or similar piece. Red could also spark excitement in a lobby or conference space.


Pictured: Theo, KORE, Boyd

When you think of yellow, it’s easy to think of sunshine. Yellow evokes feelings of happiness, positivity, optimism, and summer. A spot of yellow in the office would be appropriate in a lobby, waiting for area or entryways. Share warmth and positivity with your guests when they enter your office.

As workers in the workplace, we inspire to be productive, efficient and maintain a good quality of life. As employers and business owners, you want the same thing for your workers. A healthy employee is a happy employee. Wouldn’t it make sense that our environment helps us achieve that goal? For questions about the products shown above or help to choose just the right color, contact the team at BOLD!

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