Office square footage was at a premium before the Coronavirus, now it’s even more valuable with social distancing guidelines in place. Every square inch needs to be put to good use as the workforce returns to the office. How are businesses maximizing space in a time when people need to keep their distance?

Trendway has a few clever and budget-friendly solutions. 

The advantage of using demountable walls is becoming very clear in today’s evolving workplace. Trendway has three innovative products that can work independently or simultaneously to create an adaptive office environment.

Trendway offers three wall products that work together to achieve the price, privacy, function, and appearance you need. Our solutions can also help address a return to the office as spaces can quickly and easily be divided into smaller spaces that support social distancing.

See Trendway walls in action:

A simple, highly functional framed architectural wall.

Trendway Trendwall

Trendway’s Trendwall is their flagship wall product that offers both modular customization and reconfiguration options without all the mess. Businesses that use Trendwall can reconfigure their floorplan to accommodate almost any situation. The best part is there are minimal disruption and mess.

Trendwall is also a very sustainable product. Installation practically eliminates construction waste and reconfiguration involves far less demolition that traditional drywall applications.   Trendwall also has numerous styling options including glazing, laminates, fabrics and panel and door vinyl. View the image resource library for inspiration.

Volo Wall
A framed architectural wall with sophisticated design appeal.

Trendway Volo Walls

Creating the perfect space has never been easier with Volo Walls. Whether you need a private office space with wood veneers or a bustling creative space with floor to ceiling whiteboards, Volo Walls can help you define any space necessary. 

Volo Wall Product Video

Trendway’s innovative tile system offers countless design options. Mix and match up to 7 tiles on either side to create a stunning and versatile room. Customize the look even further with pulls, hardware, base and crown options, and a variety of door options. Take a look at the Volo Wall image gallery for ideas.

Achieve the look of permanent walls with the ease and practicality of movable architecture. Volo walls are versatile, sustainable, and easy on usually be depreciated much faster than drywall.

Clear Wall
Classic, elegant frameless glass architectural wall product.

Trendway Clear Walls

Clear Wall is a sleek, floor to ceiling movable wall solution from Trendway that imparts an upscale aesthetic to any space. Create stunning, light-drenched workspaces with flawless glass and frameless corners. 

Clear Wall makes a statement in any architectural setting. The glass is available in clear, low iron (colorless), or frost options. Other options include four architecturally-inspired doors and three pull options. Check out the Clear Wall image gallery for thought starters.

All three Trendway walls can be combined to create gorgeous workspaces. Trendwall, Clear Wall, and Volo Wall have all been designed to complement one another. Mix and match through the office to create sustainable and versatile wall solutions. Contact your BOLD Office rep or call us directly for more information about Trendway and these innovative movable options.

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