Neotini 2017

What is Neotini? Neotini is our version of Necon. What is Neocon? Neocon is a world wide furniture tradeshow that is held every year in Chicago at the Merchandise Mart. This show brings designers, engineers and manufacturers from all over to showcase new trends in commercial office furniture and projections of the future in the furniture market. Neotini allows us to do the same but on a much smaller scale and typically happens post-Neocon.

This year we announced the party to include eight furniture reps showcasing products from their lines which approximated to 15 different furniture vendors and raising money end homelessness with Together Inc. Attendees were able to enjoy appetizers, drinks, prizes, giveaways and listen to an eclectic assortment of vinyl to carry them through an unforgettable & fun evening. This event was a success and were able to raise $2,500 to Together Inc. We appreciate and thank all who attended!


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