With many states reopening after several months of stay at home orders, businesses are starting to head back to the office. Just as we are finally adapting to our new work-from-home routine, we may be forced to adapt to yet another one – the Coronavirus influenced workplace.

By now we are all familiar with the rigorous cleaning protocols set forth by the CDC. There is no reason why this behavior shouldn’t continue in the workplace. Having disinfectant and cleaning supplies readily available will help keep the workplace sanitary and safe. 

We realize there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty regarding returning to the workplace. While we are also learning how to adapt, you can rest assured BOLD Office Solutions can be an invaluable resource. Our partnership with Kimball Office and other manufacturers allows us to learn from global workplace leaders. We also have access to product innovations that will help office environments adapt to the new normal.

While there is no one-size fits all solution, the following guidelines should help you begin to plan.

Office guidelines for return to work

  • Ensure 6 ft. distance within workplace layouts.
  • Reduce face-to-face positioning. Orient back-to-back or front-to-back with separation where possible.
  • Separate seats wherever possible and reduce the number of people in meeting spaces.
  • Implement space division with screens and dividers positioned above the face to prevent direct transmission. Generally, 50” for seated height and 68” for standing height, the same as visual privacy.
  • Provide enclosure and delineate space for further separation with partitions or storage.
  • Shift from shared to single-use workspaces and reinforce DIY cleaning in addition to daily cleaning.
  • Incorporate easily cleanable and bleach-cleanable materials where possible for surfaces that are touched.
  • Indicate proper protocols with social distancing floor markings and signage.
  • Create clockwise, one-way corridor traffic wherever possible and ensure widths for social distancing.

Screen Dividers

Kimball divider screens

It’s worth noting that screen dividers are an excellent and cost-effective way to provide workers with peace of mind. There’s a good chance that the workstations you already have in your office can be readily modified to provide additional safety.

Kimball has edge mount, top mount and free standing screen dividers that can be easily attached or placed throughout the workplace. They can also be cleaned very easily making them a good choice for maintaining social distancing guidelines.

As we mentioned before, each workplace will have different challenges. Don’t hesitate to contact your BOLD Office Solutions representative with questions. We’re standing by to help you create a more productive, healthier and happier workplace.

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