4 Noteworthy Trends Coming to the Workplace in 2021

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Coming off the heels of one of the most disruptive years in our time, 2021 is going to see plenty of change in the workplace. While remote work isn’t expected to go away, plenty of people will be returning to the office and it’s important to prepare.

According to the National Research Group, 56% of Generation Z want to return to the workplace to enjoy socializing and share ideas in person. This means businesses need to start planning now to anticipate change in 2021. These are 4 noteworthy trends coming to the workplace in 2021 

Open plan pivot

It’s no surprise businesses are scrambling to modify their open floor plan. Just as we were hitting the peak of social gatherings in the workplace, a huge pivot is required to promote social distancing. Will expect to see architectural changes with movable walls that will define smaller spaces and pathing throughout the office.

Now more than ever workplace furniture will need to be flexible and responsive. Walls and dividers that came down over the past decade will now have to go back up. Divider Screens and products like Kimball Narrate are well equipped to adapt to new workplace requirements.

Residential vibe

Although you may be sick and tired of your home office by now, expect more residential vibes at the office in 2021. Even before COVID, remote work has been shaping the office environment. We expect to see soft and plush surfaces, warm colors and seating that resembles the living room. Heather Goerzen, designer at Havenly says: “2021 is an invitation to bring more joy and cheer into your home office with a more playful and vibrant palette. Much like the rest of home design, we expect to see a rise in colorful home office accents, from bold rugs to statement chairs.”

Tech and video 

By now, we’ve all adapted to video conferencing technology as social distancing forced us into uncharted territory. Expect video to continue to be a dominating tech trend in 2021. Conference rooms and individual workstations must be outfitted with the latest technology to accommodate video conferencing needs.

IT infrastructure may also need to be reviewed in order to meet the demand. Power and connectivity requirements will need to adapt to the influx of mobile and hardwired screens and devices. Unless you’re confident in upgrading your tech yourself, we recommend bringing on an in-house IT person or partnering with a local service provider. 


It’s not glamorous or arguably even a trend, but sanitization will be key for workplaces in 2021. Much of what we have learned and adapted to in 2020 will follow us well into 2021. Sanitization stations will be everywhere and cleaning protocols will be streamlined and implemented across the workplace.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of changes coming in 2021. The change will come in many different forms. Create a planning committee as soon as possible to review your workplace needs in 20201. Don’t hesitate to invite a BOLD Office Solution representative to the discussion. You don’t have to face these challenges alone.

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